COVID-19 Policy

It's an understatement to say that we've been experiencing exceptional times.  When participating in equine activities it is important to review your province's regulations and restrictions.  To avoid interruption of CRHRA membership insurance coverage please abide by your provincial regulations regarding COVID.  If it is unclear we suggest that you contact your local MP.

BFL's exclusion specifically relates to people contracting the disease and would not cover anything relating to this.  Members are still able to exercise, feed and care for their horses. Participating in riding lessons is not allowed at this time. Rest assured all other claims causing property damage or bodily injury are covered.

This endorsement may reduce coverage provided by this Policy




This Policy does not insure:

a)  physical loss or damage to insured property, or loss of use, loss of income, business interruption, or any extra expenses associated with such losses, directly or indirectly arising from, caused by, in consequence of, or in any way involving actual or threatened contact with, spread of, exposure to or infection by “Communicable Disease”
b)   loss or costs arising out of any activity or decision of a government agency or other entity to prevent, or respond to “Communicable Disease”, including by declaration of epidemic, pandemic, or other emergency order. 

 This exclusion applies regardless of any other contributing or aggravating cause or event that contributes concurrently or in any sequence to the loss or damage.

“Communicable Disease” means any infectious disease, virus, bacterium or other microorganism which can be transmitted directly or indirectly from any human or animal organism to another human or animal organism, including by but not limited to: airborne transmission; bodily fluid transmission; transmission from or to any surface or object; or solid, liquid or gas or between organisms.

BFL Equine After Hours Emergency Claims: 1(416) 913-4203