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The Chesley Saddle Club was formed in 1971 by a few horse lovers in that area to work together as a group to give more meaning to horse ownership and to organize some social activities, such as Horse Shows, Clinics and Trail Rides.
Since then the Club has expanded, mainly due to a few dedicated members and the increased interest in Trail Riding, permitting all the family, young and old, to ride together as the pace on these rides is never more than at a walk. The Food Committee was organized to feed on the 5 Day Ride and at other club activities, thanks to more dedicated members.
The Show Committee was discontinued a few years ago due to lack of interest but the Trail Rides have taken over and once more mainly due to a few dedicated members who spend considerable time and energy each year checking and clearing trails, more time obtaining permission from land owners, then marking and clearing begins, adding to the enjoyment of everyone.
We encourage members to join these trail clearing activities, it can be good fun as well as hard work and long days in the saddle, then you can appreciate the actual trail ride when it takes place knowing that you had a hand in it. Check with the Trail Committee, offer your help and ask to be notified when the work begins. Often it means a week-end camping and your own cooking, you will enjoy the team building after a long day working and riding.

The general membership is now spread around the Province of Ontario. We are happy to have you as a member and hope you will become an active member involved in all aspects the club has to offer.

The Chesley Saddle Club hold trail rides across Ontario, as well as a 5-Day Ride in the Wiarton area every summer. Please contact any of the Executive for more information.


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Who are we?

CEREC is an incorporated, non-profit group of horse enthusiasts of all disciplines who enjoy informal and non-competitive trail riding.