2020 Individual Membership

2020 Individual Membership

Regular price $33.00

Valid from Membership date to December 31, 2020 (Insurance by BFL Canada)

$5,000,000 Personal Liability Insurance covering members liability for non- commercial use of a horse owned, rented, leased or borrowed by the member

$30,000 Accident, Death and Dismemberment Insurance providing a lump sum benefit and some reimbursement of expenses if a member 75 years of age or younger suffers accidental death or dismemberment during equine related activities.

OPTIONAL COVERAGES Valid from membership date to December 31, 2019

$3,500 Tack & Equipment Insurance- All Risks of loss or damage to the members tack and horse equipment, if the member has purchased coverage. $30.00 + Applicable Tax

$12,000 Horse Mortality Insurance - Death or humane destruction of horse owned by the member when the member has purchased coverage, subject to perils Please contact BFL Canada for details $30.00 + Applicable Tax

$2,500 Emergency Life Saving Surgery InsuranceMember must purchase Horse Mortality coverage in order to purchase Emergency Life Saving Surgery Insurance Reasonable and customary fees for emergency, life-saving surgical procedures performed under a general anaesthetic, including colic and fracture repair, for horses owned by the member when the member has purchased coverage $50.00 + Applicable Tax

CRHRA members can subscribe for a ONE YEAR (from date of Purchase) to "The Rider-Ontario's Horse Industry Newspaper" at a SPECIAL CRHRA MEMBER PRICE of $25.00 + Applicable Tax

CRHRA members Save on Canadas top selling equine magazine! Horse-Canada features Canadian news and issues as well as horse care and training for all types of horses. $20 + Applicable Tax