Membership 2017


MEMBERSHIP   Valid from Membership date to December 31, 2017 (Insurance by

$5,000,000 Personal Liability Insurance—covers any horse owned, leased or borrowed that is for personal use. This coverage is in force 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and covers you anywhere in the world

$30,000 Accident, Death and Dismemberment Insurance—for injuries sustained by you related to horses, including coverage when you are en route to and from an equine activity in a vehicle. This policy will respond regardless of another insurance coverage that may be in force at the time of the incident.

OPTIONAL COVERAGES—Valid from membership date to December 31, 2017

$2,500 Tack & Equipment - $2,500 Named Perils coverage        $12.00 + HST = $13.36

$12,000 Horse Mortality—Covers any horse you own for death arising from: fire, lightning, explosion, collision, railroad derailment (if horse on board), sinking, burning, or collision of watercraft (if horse on board) accident to aircraft, windstorm, or hail, earthquake or flood, accidental shooting, electrocution, attack by a dog or wild animal, collapse of building, bridge or culvert, drowning                $25.00 + HST= $28.25

CRHRA members can subscribe for a ONE YEAR (from date of Purchase) to "The Rider-Ontario's Horse Industry Newspaper" at a SPECIAL CRHRA MEMBER PRICE of   $25.00 + HST= $28.25 NON MEMBER PRICE $29.00

CRHRA members Save on Canada’s top selling equine magazine! Horse-Canada features Canadian news and issues as well as horse care and training for all types of horses. $20 + HST= $22.60 NON MEMBER PRICE $24.00

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