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What's Happening at CRHRA 


Please Be Aware that our Facebook page has been compromised. Please contact customer service at memberships@crhra.ca for more information. We ask that you do not engage in any posts from the CRHRA Facebook page as it is no longer under our control. We are working with our partners at Facebook to resolve this issue but it could take some time. 

2024 Memberships


Unfortunately, BFL Canada has declined to renew our membership insurance for 2024. This is the insurance that is has traditionally been included in our yearly membership. 
We are actively seeking a new insurance provider and hope to have this in place by January 1st, 2024 for Renewals and New Memberships. 
Please check the membership application page often for updates. 
Thank you for your patience! We appreciate your loyalty and support. 

Youth Memberships

For our updated membership forms, it's imperative to list a Guardian or Parent for each minor. Even though the membership is registered under the guardian's name, rest assured that the child remains fully covered. Should guardians wish to avail our benefits for themselves, they're encouraged to complete a separate form.

Accuracy is paramount: please double-check and input the correct birth dates for both the child and the guardian. A common oversight has been entering the year as 2023. Any discrepancies will trigger a correction notice, and a valid birth date must be provided prior to the issuance of an insurance certificate.

Please remember that the 2023 Memberships are set to expire on December, 31, 2023.

We appreciate your support!