Cattle Roping, Sorting and Penning

There are so many fun things that you can participate in with your horse.

Some take lots of dedication and others can be done as a hobby.

Things with cattle

1. Ranch Cattle Sorting

You can have 2 or 3 man sorting.  The idea is to get 10 cattle into the pen in 60 seconds. The cattle are number 0 to 9 with a blank.

There are 2 pens adjoined.  One person mans the gate and the other person cuts the cattle to bring thru the gate.  The trickier part of it is that you have to bring the cattle thru in the correct order.  For instance if the judge says you start with cattle number 7, then you bring out 7, 8,9,0 etc. It is fun for anyone,  you can be beginner to expert at this activity.

2. Team Penning

Here you will have a bunch of number cows. 

The numbers are in sets of 3.  They are at one end of the arena and you have to bring them to the other end of the arena and put them into a gate. The judge may say that you need number 3.  So you will cut out the three cows numbered 3. This again can be fun for beginner to expert.

3. Breakaway calf roping

This takes some practice, learning how to throw a rope, but be a fun night or weekend practicing at home with a dummy or a bale of hay Once you feel comfortable throwing a rope, then try a competition. These ropes are designed a little differently, once you have the rope around the cow and pull it, it breaks away. 

Very safe for all involved Here you have to get the rope around the cow in the least amount of time as possible.  You start out in a chute and they will let a cow out of another chute. 

When they release the cow you go for it.

Ride safe.