The Canadian Recreational Horse and Rider Association is pleased to offer horse, mule and donkey owners, recreational horse riders, and trail enthusiasts in the Recreational Sector the opportunity to become an Individual Member of the CRHRA.
The CRHRA offers marketing and advertising opportunities, sector awareness, horse trail development and inter-user relations as members of the Council; in addition to all of the other benefits of being an individual members.
Our strong ties with the Ontario Trails Council, The Canadian Trails Federation and Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport (the lead Ministry for Trails and Recreation) keep us informed and give us a voice concerning issues that affect where we can ride coast to coast!


Individual CRHRA Membership includes:

    •  $5,000,000 Personal Liability Member Benefit covering members’ liability for non- commercial use of a horse owned, rented, leased or borrowed by the member. Subject to $1000 deductible.
    • $30,000 Accident, Death and Dismemberment Member Benefit providing a lump sum benefit and some reimbursement of expenses if a member 90 years of age or younger suffers accidental death or dismemberment during equine related activities.
Optional Member Benefit Coverage (additional charges apply)
        • $3,500 Tack & Horse Equipment Benefit
          All Risks of loss or damage to the member’s tack and horse equipment, if the member has purchased coverage. Subject to a $500 deductible.
Named Perils Horse Mortality and Emergency Life Saving Surgery Member Benefit Package
        • $12,000 Named Perils Horse Mortality Member Benefit - Death or humane destruction of horse owned by the member when the member has purchased coverage. Fire or lightning, or smoke caused by either. Collision, derailment or overturning of railroad conveyances, except as a result of coupling operations. Collision, stranding, sinking, or burning of vessels incurred in such instances, on inland waterways only. Collision or overturning of a vehicle conveying any animal(s), unless involved with other vehicles owned or operated by or in the use, custody or control of You or your employees/agents. Collapse of bridges or culverts, earthquakes and/or floods. Windstorm, cyclone, tornado, hail, explosion, aircraft, and objects falling from them. Accidental injury while on board or being loaded into or unloaded from any aircraft or land transport vehicle; a) licensed for passengers and/or cargo: and b) in transit within Canada & United States of America. Accidental shooting except by: a) you or b) your employees. Drowning. Artificial electricity. Attack by dogs or wild animals. Collapse of building. This is a not a full mortality policy, just specific perils (fire, lightning etc.).  There is no age limit.  It’s also actual cash value, so you have to justify the horse’s fair market value in the event of a claim.
        • $2,500 Emergency Life Saving Surgery Member Benefit - **Horse Mortality Coverage is a prerequisite to purchase the Emergency Life Saving Surgery Benefit. Reasonable and customary fees for emergency, life-saving surgical procedures performed under a general anesthetic, including colic and fracture repair, for horses owned by the member when the member has purchased coverage. Limit per member (per occurrence and aggregate) (after care coverage is limited to 50% of the surgical fee charge). This insurance does not cover surgical procedures not performed under general anesthesia. Surgery not performed by licensed veterinarian in a school of veterinary medicine or surgical clinic. Pre-existing conditions. Exams, medical treatments or medication unless administered with a surgery. Death benefit or post-mortem expenses Voluntary / elective surgery. Throat surgery, dental surgery, OCD or bone chip removal, surgery related to pregnancy or birthing. Transportation fees. Nuclear or radioactive contamination. War risks.


    As we grow we are actively seeking Grants and ways to give back to our members. All of our staff are volunteers that work from home keeping our costs of operation to a minimum and allowing us to return more benefits to our members.

    We welcome the opportunity to get to know you better and we invite you to attend meetings or our AGM! Be sure to follow us on Facebook.